Frequency and Wavelength

Frequency in MHz with VoP and wavelength in meters and feet & inches
  Impedance Mismatch, Loss, and SWR

A perfect impedance match is not that important in HF radio astronomy
Phased Array Delay Cable Length

Off-zenith angle or elevation angle to delay cable length
  Phased Array Element Count to Approximate Directivity

You can never have too many elements
Directivity and Effective Aperture

How big is an antenna, really?
  Frequency to Galactic Background

Galactic background antenna temperature in kK for a given frequency in MHz
Flux Density and Antenna Temperature

Source flux density to and from antenna temperature
  Noise Temperature, Power, and Voltage

Just what it says
Voltage and Power

RMS, peak-to-peak, dBm, and all that
  Noise Factor and Noise Figure

How noisy is that receiver?
Attenuated Noise Source Output Temperature

Output temperature versus attenuation
  Excess Noise Ratio

How hot is that noise source?
Minimum Detectable Signal

How low can you go?
  Angular Separation

Anglular separation between two points on the sphere
Voltage Divider

What resistor do you need and at what power rating?
  Digitizer Parameter Comparison

RBW, time & freq resolution, data rates, and all that jazz