Here is documentation for the radio telescopes along with general documents such as observatory logs and instrument manuals. If you use any of this material—you are free to do so—please credit Dave Typinski, AJ4CO Observatory.

Data from the telescopes is available in the Data section of the archive. Software used at the observatory is available in the Software section of the archive.
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[png]151012000001AJ4CO DPS RCP.PNG2015-10-14 02:17 248K
[png]151012000001AJ4CO DPS RCP a.png2015-10-14 02:56 251K
[png]Io-A 131120093000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-11-23 00:08 231K
[png]Io-A 131208040000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-12-09 03:39 220K
[png]Io-A 131222062500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-12-24 05:04 280K
[png]Io-A 140116003000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-17 05:34 251K
[png]Io-A 140123015000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-25 04:58 272K
[png]Io-A 140213034000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-02-14 23:52 240K
[png]Io-B 131223080000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-12-24 20:52 285K
[png]Io-B 140117035000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-18 02:22 245K
[png]Io-B 140124040000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-25 08:31 298K
[png]Io-B 140131041000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-02-01 03:56 241K
[png]Io-B 140225004500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-02-26 22:42 344K
[png]Io-B 140304013000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-03-05 02:18 308K
[png]Io-B 140311033000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-03-12 21:25 304K
[png]Io-C 131229083000AJ4CO DPS_B.PNG2013-12-30 06:45 285K
[png]Io-C 140303004000AJ4CO DPS_B.PNG2014-03-05 01:54 337K
[png]non-Io-A-C 140118041000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-21 02:04 264K
[png]non-Io-A 131123082500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-11-24 01:27 279K
[png]non-Io-A 131225051500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-12-26 02:17 216K
[png]non-Io-A 140103054000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-05 01:12 250K
[png]non-Io-A 140108061500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-09 03:07 300K
[png]non-Io-A 140115065500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-16 03:39 278K
[png]non-Io-A 140128021500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-01-29 00:54 282K
[png]non-Io-A 140214011500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-02-15 01:32 345K
[png]non-Io-A 140223031000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-02-25 04:42 277K
[png]non-Io-B 131127084000AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-11-28 03:14 252K
[png]non-Io-B 131226063500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2013-12-27 03:11 259K
[png]non-Io-B 140218013500AJ4CO DPS_B.PNG2014-02-19 23:08 333K
[png]non-Io-C 140226015500AJ4CO DPS.PNG2014-02-28 00:24 319K
[pdf]SUG Io-A Examples.pdf2014-03-16 17:41 525K
[pdf]SUG Io-B Examples.pdf2014-03-16 17:44 762K
[pdf]SUG Io-C Examples.pdf2014-03-16 17:43 272K
[pdf]SUG non-Io-A Examples.pdf2014-03-16 17:45 695K
[pdf]SUG non-Io-B Examples.pdf2014-03-16 17:46 339K
[pdf]SUG non-Io-C Examples.pdf2014-03-16 17:47 173K